Janine Benyus and Adiel Gavish, Founder of BNYC and Amy Larkin, Chair of BNYC Board

As founder of the BiomimicryNYC regional network, and with 10 years experience as a grassroots non-profit director, social enterprise consultant and corporate sustainability adviser, I am dedicated to co-creating a community that will scale the practice of biomimicry and the idea that nature’s wisdom is a powerful natural resource we have yet to fully explore.

As part of the Biomimicry Institute’s communications team, I get to spread the latest in biomimicry design challenges, innovation as well as network building and educational opportunities across the globe.

This blog explores the exciting and emerging intercepts of science, technology, social enterprise and design. With 3.8 billion years experience in sustainable design, I believe nature is the original social entrepreneur.

The solutions we seek in order to solve mankind’s greatest challenges are are as abundant as the millions of creatures with which we share this planet. From a systems perspective, mother nature is a design expert and stellar model of ubiquitous innovation.

Our natural world is not only the guru of green design, but a startup whiz who’s had billions of years to perfect her craft. And not only does she make cool “apps” like spring and summer, but she does so in tandem with all other species so that her “valuation” is priceless and shareholder return, infinite.

Grounded by physics (no pun intended) and rooted in the depths of time, life’s strategies offer us a path to “seeing nature as our mentor, rather than a warehouse of goods” (Janine Benyus).



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