by Jennifer Alsever

Finding Inspiration in Shark Tanks and Bee Hives

Tap local networks. Several organizations host local events to connect you with university professors and biomimicry experts. Among them: Great Lakes Biomimicry in Cleveland; Biomimicry NYC; Biomimicry Oregon in Portland; and the Bay Area Biomimicry Network.


Mother Nature_Designer_Planning Magazine

Mother Nature, Designer: Using Biomimicry for Planning and Urban Design

by Nicola Davies

Because cities essentially operate at an ecologically sub-optimal level, utilizing these metrics aligns us with place-based ecological and biological standards.

Re-connecting to and meeting these standards can inform and improve resiliency planning as well as optimize investments in resilient infrastructure.

Adiel Gavish Interview with the Business Insider

The Incredible Science Behind How Nature Solves Every Engineering Problem

by Jennifer Welsh

Biomimcry isn’t just one thing … It’s a thought process and a way of seeing the world around you as a teacher, not a warehouse … it’s one of the ways in which we are fundamentally changing how we view the natural world.

Columbia University State of the Planet Blog

MS Student Aims to Create Sustainable Solutions Through Biomimicry

by Jason Prince

Nature is never perfect – it is always adapting, evolving, growing and changing in conjunction with everything else around it. It is not separate from.

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